About us

Flying Monkeys Trapeze is the first company to bring outdoor flying trapeze classes to Ireland.

Flying trapeze is a fun and challenging experience. It is the pinnacle of circus where a performer jumps off a platform holding onto a bar, performs an impressive trick and lands in the hands of a catcher. With safety equipment and expert coaching anyone can have this exhilarating experience.

Our classes are two-hour long with 3 instructors to guide you all the way. A class will have a maximum of 10 participants to give everyone enough time on the trapeze.

The class begins with a safety briefing and a ground based warm up that prepares your body for the remainder of the class. The coaches will explain and demonstrate the first flying trapeze trick, the knee hang. After practising the trick several times, students who can perform the trick correctly have a chance to be caught by the catcher. Once successfully catching their knee hang, returning students can work on different tricks to improve their skills, so that they will always have something new to learn.

Flying trapeze is all about fun and adrenaline with safety.

The little story of Flying Monkeys Trapeze

The story begins in 2013 when my friend Salla and I first met at an aerial silks class. We quickly became friends and shared our passion for activities involving acrobatic movements, adrenaline and, of course, fun. In 2016, we began to spend a good part of our summer together taking flying trapeze classes in London, a practice I had been doing since 2012. In love with the trapeze experience, over the next years we would chase flying trapeze rigs in many different places, such as London, Oxford, Glasgow, Toulouse, Madrid, São Paulo and Búzios.

Over the years our passion for the trapeze only grew stronger. What was just a hobby, became a way of life, and we wanted to enjoy the feeling of flying the trapeze as much as we could. So, what did we do? We bought our own trapeze rig, of course! And we also started dreaming about our own trapeze school in Ireland.

Eight years after I took my first trapeze flight at Battersea Park in London my dream finally came true! I couldn’t believe when we opened the Trapeze school in 2020!

I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I do.

Mari Rampazzo, Flying Monkeys Trapeze owner

Flying Monkeys Trapeze crew in 2021

Thank you very much

Along the way, we faced many challenges to open the first flying trapeze school in Ireland. Luckily, we had many people who helped us to overcome all these challenges, pushing us forward and believing in our project. It is no exaggeration to say that Flying Monkeys Trapeze would not exist without them.